Refund Policy

Sending Recharge and Refund

To send Recharge, you agree to comply with and undertake the provisions set out in this Section.

In the case of mobile phone Recharge, you will be required to enter the mobile phone number to which any Recharge is to be credited into the appropriate space on the Website. You are responsible to ensure that you have correctly inputted the mobile phone number. You will then be required to select the amount of Recharge that you wish to credit that mobile phone number with, we are not responsible for entering the wrong recharge amount.

The Recharge is sent instantly by Simple Mobile Payments to the appropriate mobile phone number or access account upon successful payment by you. Occasionally, there may be a short delay before the relevant mobile operator applies the Recharge.

Remember that once you have recharged your mobile phone or paid, you cannot cancel the transaction or have money refunded. We will send you a confirmation email that contains details of the Recharge sent as soon as your Recharge transaction has been successfully completed. You agree and understand that Simple Mobile Payments only acts on your authorization to send Recharge and the relevant mobile operator shall be solely liable to you and the recipient of Recharge for the provision of services related to the Recharge. Once the Recharge is sent to a mobile phone number or access account, it can be used immediately therefore it cannot be refunded or removed from the phone or access account.

To stop this mistake from happening, Simple Mobile Payments asks you to confirm that the mobile phone number or email address you have entered is correct. All sales are final on any prepaid payment or recharge.

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